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Our experienced attorneys are committed to fight for your rights and the maximum compensation you deserve.

Have you or a loved one been seriously injured because of someone else’s negligence or recklessness?

When a serious injury or fatality occurs, nothing can prepare you for how your life gets turned upside down physically, emotionally, and financially. That is why it is important that you find an experienced lawyer who will help you get the justice you deserve!

At The Law Office of Craig Leydecker, we have been advocating for individuals, families, and businesses throughout the East and West Banks of the New Orleans area for decades.

Our attorneys are passionate about standing up to protect you and your rights, while also providing you with the guidance and support you need to get through this difficult time.

Through the hard work, tenacity, and dedication of our legal team, we have helped our clients achieve the maximum compensation in verdicts, settlements and/or judgments. We have the legal and financial resources to fully develop your case and put you in the best position possible to get back on your feet again.

Once you learn more about our firm, our legal practice, and our attorneys, you’ll know why there is no other choice but to call Craig!


At Leydecker Law, we understand that serious injury cases demand immediate action by a team of experienced legal professionals. It is important to act fast after an accident, and at Leydecker Law, our experienced attorneys will get you the help you need right away. If you are injured in a car or truck accident, work injury, or any other type of accident that was not your fault, you can trust Leydecker Law to protect your rights to the fullest.

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Founding member Gerald Leydecker, Sr., dedicated his life to protecting the rights of people whose injuries have changed their lives. In 1967, he began to fight for accident victims in and around Louisiana, and The Law Office of Craig Leydecker continues in his legacy.

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